7 of the Most Picturesque Coastal Towns 

The sea has always been vital to the growth of new civilizations over centuries, which is why there are many old and traditional towns built near the water. Not only do they get wonderful views of the sea, they also are assured of a stable source of food. Nowadays, tourists love going to these destinations because of the idyllic scenery, charming old towns, and of course, the beach. Here are some of the most beautiful coastal towns that you should visit.

1. Polperro, England

The beauty of this town hides its scandalous past of being a popular entry point of smugglers bringing in contraband like tobacco and alcohol. But this was back in the 18th Century and now, there are very few traces of this past. Visitors to this Cornish town will still see the typical traditional fisherman’s cottages that were built in the 16th century. There are also quaint boutiques and galleries not to be missed. If you are interested in the history of this secluded town, you can check out their Heritage Museum of Smuggling and Fishing.

For top sea views, this town and the surrounding coastline can’t be beaten. Today Polperro is a picturesque fishing harbour popular with tourists, especially in the summer when the narrow streets are packed with visitors here to soak up the unique Cornish atmosphere of this seaside haven. There is a great selection of self catering holiday properties on the coast in this part of the United Kingdom. Cornwall is well known for its fantastic beaches, and there plenty of sandy beaches, coves and stunning sea views to be found close to the south coast town of Polperro.

2. Saint George’s, Bermuda

This town was built in the early 17th century, and some buildings have remained of this time. One is the oldest Anglican Church in the Western Hemisphere, St. Peter’s, which was constructed in 1612. Another is the Unfinished Church, popular for its majestic arches made of stone. In contrast, the rest of the buildings are very tropical and colorful, making this a beautiful seaside destination.

3. Manarola, Italy

There are more than a few seaside towns in the country, but Manarola is worth mentioning. One of the Cinque Terre villages, it was founded back in the Middle Ages. Now it is popular not just for the bright homes dotting the cliffs, but also as a huge producer of white wine and olive oil.

4. Camden, Maine

In the shores of Penobscot Bay is Camden, which is exactly how one would imagine a typical New England coastal town. The harbor is lined with boats and old-style windjammers, while the downtown area is full of brick buildings that replaced those that were burned in 1892.

5. Kotor, Montenegro

This city is more than 2,000 years old, with some narrow streets and stone buildings remaining from this time. Visitors will love the view of Mount Lovcen and the Bay of Kotor, but at the same time, revel in the beautiful surroundings filled with awe-inspiring architecture.

6. Lunenburg, Canada

While it is no tropical coastline, Lunenburg has retained so much of its colonial vibe that it has been awarded a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Founded in 1753 by the British, the first inhabitants only used black and white on the town’s buildings because they were the most affordable. Nowadays, residents started adding color, which is also brightening up the whole town.

7. Cadaques, Spain

Located in the Costa Brava, this village and its wonderful views have inspired artists like Salvador Dali. As a child, he spent a lot of time in this village and later decided to settle down in the neighboring village of Port Lligat. His old studio and home are now a museum. Whitewashed houses can be seen along the rocky coast, and many an artist chose this site to display their artworks.

These are only some of the best coastal towns that offer not just the best sea views but have also kept their traditional and unique characteristics. So when planning your beach holiday, skip the bigger and busier coastal destinations and opt for one in this list. If this list isn’t long enough you could try some of the other wonderful coastal destinations and seaside towns featured in the following video.