Beijing Itinerary for Couples

Beijing is not necessarily a city well-known with lovers or honeymooners. After all, walking up the steps of The Great Wall is not considered romantic by many people. But it does not mean that this megacity cannot be a top destination for couples. Beyond exploring the popular sites in the city, couples can try out some of the romantic activities.

Here is a sample 5-day itinerary for honeymooners or couples who want to explore this ancient city. Because of the challenges with the language barrier and making all the arrangements, it is a good idea to work with some local tour operators to organize some of these activities.

Day 1

After arriving in Beijing, take the rest of the day to relax and walk around. You can try out some shopping too!

Day 2

Your trip to Beijing is not complete without checking out its most popular tourist destinations. You can start on this day at the Tiananmen Square (or the Gate of Heavenly Peace in Chinese) and the nearby “Egg“ (or the National Center for the Performing Arts). Afterward, you can go to the Forbidden City. You and your partner can go to Jingshan Park for a romantic view of the Forbidden City and the whole city of Beijing.

After some local lunch, you can check out the Temple of Heaven, which is where the ancient Emperors went to pray for good harvest and peace. It is also the biggest group of ancient imperial worship buildings in the whole world. For some bit of date night, you and your partner can watch “The Legend of Kung Fu“ at the Red Theater.

Day 3

You can spend the day exploring the premier tourist destination, the Great Wall. If you prefer to just enjoy the sights instead of walking up, you can the cable car ride up and cuddle while enjoying the views.

After a tiring visit, you can head off to the Chunhuiyuan Hot Spring Resort for some couple’s spa time. You can relax your muscles in the hot springs, with the minerals in the water good for your health and beauty.

Day 4

On your last full day, you can start at the beautiful Beihai Park, where you can check out the White Pagoda and the Nine-Dragon Screen. The next step is to visit the famous Hutongs on a rickshaw. You can also have more exposure to the local culture and life by visiting a local family and having lunch with them.

In the afternoon, you can check out Nanluoguxiang, where foreigners and expats hang out. You can try out the shops and restaurants here. After dinner, you can opt to go to Houhai and take a romantic boat cruise while having a drink.

Day 5

Before you leave this marvelous city, make sure you stop by the biggest Chinese imperial garden, the Summer Palace. After your last local lunch, you can say goodbye and head over to the airport.

Exploring this beautiful city with your better half or partner is a great idea because there are many jewels to discover. But beyond just going to the typical tourist spots, you should try out some of the romantic attractions for some memorable moments with your beloved.