Best Places in the World for Street Food

Michelin stars are often the indicator on whether a place serves the best food. However, it should be remembered that the best food venues are those most tried and eaten by the locals and tourists, such as those served in the streets.

Food stalls by the streets are probably the ones which can best introduce you to the local cuisine of a certain place. It is an essential travel experience. Aside from experiencing what it is like to eat along the roads, you will also be given the chance to eat delicacies not usually served in fine dining restaurants. Below is a list of the top 5 places in the world that offer the best of the best street food. Along with the location are the famous dishes in their area served of course in the streets.

Rio de Janeiro (Brazil)

Meals in Brazil are undeniably expensive but travelers need not worry about this when they visit the country. There are a lot of food stalls on the streets which can come to the rescue of visitors. Rio de Janeiro’s thoroughfares are the home of much well-known street food. But it is mostly popular for its tapioca crepes, pão de queijo cheese balls, acai smoothies, fried savory pastries and kebabs. These foods along with other dishes featuring seafood are often located on the waterfront as the city is literally surrounded by the sea.

Paris (France)

Paris is popular for being the home of fashion and fine dining. What many people often miss about it, however, is the wide range of street food it has been offering tourists and the locals. The most dominant street food here is, of course, the Parisian crêperie mostly partnered with Nutella. These are simple thinned pancakes served with a filling of the consumer’s choice. It may be filled fruit jams, ice cream, or plain chocolate. Other than the crepe, Paris also has its pastries to brag about. Food trucks are also becoming a thing in this city serving other food like American burgers and various sandwiches.

Tokyo (Japan)

Aside from the famous vending machines, Tokyo is now known for its extensive outdoor eating amenities particularly in the streets. The most common food served here include Okonomiyaki pancakes and bento boxes. Tokyo streets offer anything through vending machines but the best food is served in the Tsukiji market. It is also known as the seafood haven. There you can buy and eat sashimi samples. Not to mention the delicious raw oysters and the yummy, massive nigiri rolls.

Hong Kong

Hong Kong does not only have Disneyland to be proud about. It is also home to the best snake soup and egg tarts. The streets in Hong Kong serve a wide variety of dishes from favorites from the West to the classic Cantonese delicacies. The most visited places here for street food are the Temple Street in Yau Ma Tei, Kowloon City and the Ladies Market on Tung Choi Street.

Ottawa (Canada)

When talking about Canada and food, people always think of Vancouver and Toronto. But what they fail to notice is the rise of Ottawa in the food scene. There are more than 40 food trucks in the area which offer plenty of different food whether locally produced or derivatives from other places. The most popular ones serve the classic churros, frozen yogurt, sausages, hotdogs and much more.

While there is nothing wrong in going after popular fine dining restaurants, it also would not hurt to try out something new. Street foods, which are often disregarded, can sometimes give you a better food experience.