Best Tourism Spots in France For a Family Vacation

Are you planning your family vacation already? Get your tickets to France, one place where heritage, cultural richness and natural beauty abounds. There are 27 French sites classified by UNESCO as World Heritage Sites for their relevance to culture and heritage of French people. For most tourist sites, people on their family tour will have headsets. Guides will explain what to see and what their significance is.

Romance, art and culture fills everyone and everything in France. It has a good number of fabulous restaurants. Family vacations to France must include some moments when you get to see its monuments. Monuments of France include the following:


Necropolis of great men such as Voltaire, Hugo, Mirabeau, Rousseau and Zola among others. A must visit place for tourists travelling to France.

Eiffel Tower

It stands tall at 307m, Eiffel Tower is a masterpiece made of iron sections joined to each other. Built in 1889, it is symbolic of France and offers a splendid view of Paris up to 75 km distance.



One of the oldest monuments, the Obelisque has hieroglyphics and is 33 centuries old.

Arc de Triomphe

Considered the most significant monument on the Historic axis, Arc de Triomphe represents the patriotism and the victory of the soldiers who fought for France. Tourists will find the names of the Generals along with wars they fought inscribed on this monument. The Eternal Flame burns underground in memory of the Unknown Soldier. A truly outstanding structure worthy of visit on your family vacation to France.

Pont du Gard

France has links to Roman Empire and its evolution. This monumental bridge Pont du Gard highlights this connection showing how Romans considered France an important part of their empire.

Nimes Arena

Well-preserved Roman amphitheater, Nimes Arena is comparable if not better than the Colosseum. The tourists experience a truly realistic experience of what spectators would have felt making this place one of the best places for a visit with your family.

Mont St. Michel

You could say this is the best attraction for tourists to France. It is a whole medieval town on top of a hilly terrain fully surrounded by battlement walls. At the top of the rocky settlement, one finds a medieval church. The Romanesque street leads to this church from the outer edges of the town. Do not miss this out on your family tour.

Place des Vosges

Oldest in Paris, this royal square was the meeting place of elegant people and middle class. It dates back to the 17th century.

Castles, Palaces and Museums


This castle built during the Roman era has fairytale like quality and innumerable features like the fortified double walls over a length of 3 kilometers along with 52 towers. Families can spend an entire day marveling at the tourist attractions inside the castle.

Musee du Louvre

Tourists will find this museum in a 12th century fort that they later converted into a palace. It has a varied collection of art, artifacts and sculptures. Some of the pieces are more than 2000 years old. If you are going to visit this museum with your family, better budget at least two days as there is plenty to see.

Palace of Versailles

Lastly, you see the most important insight into exuberance of wealth and style of French Monarchy brought out by those elegant furniture, exquisite antiques, stunning art pieces alongside sprawling gardens. Best of all palaces is Palace of Versailles, resplendent with gold ornamentation and crystal chandeliers. A spectacular sight for you on your family tour of France.

Other Sites You Must Visit in France

Luxembourg Gardens

Famous tourist relaxation spot, Luxembourg Gardens previously permitted only royalty. There is no entrance fee and is now open to all.


Tourists find hundreds of things to do at Cannes. Shopping on Rue d’Antibes, picnicking on the Iles de Lerins, visiting the musee de la Mer or trying your luck at Palm Beach Casino, Cannes has plenty of exciting things for the tourists. Hosts Cannes Film Festival most revered by film goers and filmmakers alike its only rival the Oscars held at Hollywood.

Ideal for family tours with plenty of restaurants and art places, France offers tourists splendid value for their time. Begin your holiday to France at once and regale in its luxurious offerings.