4 of the World’s Best Gourmet Food Destinations

Imagine this: you wake up one morning and you’re given the chance to go to seven places in the world – where would those places be? Well, if you’re a foodie who has been dreaming of eating at the best gourmet destinations in the world but unsure where to start (or if you have not seen an episode of Anthony Bourdain’s hit TV show yet), you might want to read this very helpful article.
Yes. We are going to count down some of the best places in the whole wide world where you can really enjoy that gastronomic treat!

south of france gourmet restaurants

The South of France

Besides the food, there really is no good reason why this wonderful patch on God’s green earth should not be included in anyone’s list of places to go to. But let’s focus on just the food for now shall we? The reason why this paradise is such a big hit among foodies like Julia Child and so many other chefs is because of the fresh ingredients they put in their dishes – whether local or imported. Regional wines, fruits, French baked bread, and the delectable French butter – what more will you want during a lazy afternoon?

Restaurants to Visit: Restaurant de Bacon, Mirazur, Les Terraliers

Padstow, Cornwall, England

Cornwall is possibly the most photogenic place in the world. But little do people know (and they get really surprised when they visit this part of Great Britain), it also boasts of amazing culinary prowess as well. Found in the Southern tip of England, most of Cornwall is surrounded by the sea. That means amazing fish and seafood which will be served on your plate a few minutes after it has been caught. But wait, there’s more. With their organic beef and meat products, you can just imagine why Cornish pasties are so famous all around the globe. And the Artisan cheeses are really something anyone should try. Padstow is central to the food scene in this area and many Padstow restaurants offer the best Cornish dining experiencing for locals and visiting holidaymakers.

Restaurants to Visit: Cherry Trees Coffee House, The Seafood Restaurant, The Ivy House Restaurant

Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam

Some people think that if they have been to one Asian country for a food adventure, they have been to the others. But that is so wrong – so, so wrong!!! Each Asian nation has something to boast about when it comes to food. But we’re including Vietnam in this list because nothing else could be so simple yet amazingly arresting to the taste. Then there is the fact that their food has been influenced by the French when they came to the country centuries ago. It’s so amazing that it has not ruined the local flavor but, instead, added to it.

Restaurants to Visit: La Villa French Restaurant, Ciao Bella, Hum Vegetarian Café and Restaurant — better yet, visit the sidewalk / street cafes for authentic Vietnamese dishes

New York City, United States of America

There was a comedian joking about the lack of food culture in America. It’s all about hamburgers and cheese dogs – the character in his skit said – where’s the culture in that? That’s arguable, of course. But there is nothing arguable about the fact that New York City is definitely the haven of chefs from around the world. In fact, one can even say that it is the culinary hub of the whole world. There are some wonderful places to eat in New York City. It’s possibly because of the different people who have flocked to this city which never sleeps. Asians, South Americans, Polynesians, Europeans – well they are all here!!! And they have something to share in terms of their food.

Restaurants to Visit: Every street you will walk on will definitely have something to offer you in terms of gastronomic treats – and we’re not joking.