Eat Like A Local With These 5 Vietnamese Foods

If you love traveling for the food, it’s impossible to not have Vietnam in your radar. Vietnam is rich with different types of pho (pronounced as “fuh”) and a lot of other munches you can taste. While most people find Vietnamese food simple, a locally prepared meal in this country comes with a totally different flavor palette that you won’t find anywhere else.

Craving already? Here are the 7 Vietnamese food every tourist should taste.

1. Phở

First on the list is pho which means “rice noodle soup”. You didn’t go to Vietnam if you didn’t eat pho at least once. You can say that this is the poster of all Vietnamese food.

Pho is a local staple and it is made with a hot savory broth mixed with small slices of meat and green leafy vegetables. The best pho is found not in restaurants but in the alleys and backstreets around the country.

2. Spring Rolls

If you are craving a snack, try the Vietnamese spring rolls. Their spring rolls aren’t like the rolls you find in other countries. For one thing, they aren’t fried. It is wrapped in rice paper and it has vegetables sticking out on one end. Because the rice paper is translucent, you can see the shrimps stuffed inside the roll. This is best dipped in peanut butter sauce or various local dips.

3. Bánh mì

Another snack you can pick up anywhere in the streets of Vietnam is banh mi. Banh mi is considered the sandwich of Vietnam although it can already pass as a meal.

Banh mi uses a baguette as its base filled with pickled vegetables, meat, chili, pate, and other toppings. Usually, the meat is strips of pork or beef. There are different kinds of banh mi in the country, and if you want an easy pick-me-up meal, banh mi is the way to go.

4. Cao lầu

If you want a break from all your pho eating, you might want to try cao lầu. Cao lầu is a noodle dish that uses udon-like noodles topped with crunchy meat and croutons. Because it doesn’t have a lot of soup, it gives a different feel to your mouth.

Cao lầu can be found in Hoi An because the noodles (yes, they are not udon noodles) are only made using the water from an ancient wall that is found in Hoi An.

5. Egg Coffee

Of course, there is always room for dessert. One of the famous desserts in the country is egg coffee or locally known as Cà Phê Trứng. If you are allergic to dairy, this might be a no-no but if you aren’t this should be one of the must-try treats you have to get. It’s made from black coffee mixed with egg and condensed milk. While it’s sweet, you can still have that coffee kick you are looking for.

Now that you know Vietnam has a lot to offer, and all at affordable prices, you might want to rush there and get your cravings satisfied. It’s about time you visited this amazing Southeast Asian country.