Fun Cottage Holiday Destinations for the Family

The holidays are fast approaching. It’s the perfect time to get away with the family. What better way to treat your loved ones but with the perfect holiday vacation by going on a family trip? There are hundreds of cottage holiday destinations to choose from but there’s always one perfect place perfect for your family.

Depending on the number of travellers, it’s important to consider how many family members will be in attendance on the trip. Start by sending invitations to see who would be willing to go on this exciting family trip with you.

They say “The more the merrier,” but going as a small intimate group is also fun. After you have finalized whether your grandparents, parents, in-laws, siblings and cousins are going, therein lays the challenge of picking a destination. Always consider everyone’s suggestions and decide as a group to ensure that everyone will enjoy on the trip.

Here are some of our recommendations for fun cottage holiday destinations for the family:

Cottages by the beach or pool

Find a good family cottage or villa that can fit everyone in one place. Go to a tropical country and enjoy the sun. You can go to the Caribbean, Asia, Spain, Algarve, Santorini, Mexico and many more. Most of these destinations are already child friendly, so you’ll have no problem travelling with kids.

It could also be at a local or out of town destination. If you have a big family and majority is children or teens, you will surely enjoy spending the holidays in a pool or at the beach.

Highland cottages in Scotland

Not all of us are beach people. Some would prefer to go to the mountains, get a cabin in the forest or the hills and just be one with nature. Going to a picnic or camping with the family is one of the best ways to enjoy the holidays. You can go fishing and swimming on a lake, take the family on a boat ride and enjoy the wild.

Photo by Christian Cacciamani on Unsplash

Holiday cottages in Italy

Italy is known for fine food and wine. If you and your family enjoy eating Italian cuisine and going to historical places, getting a villa here is perfect for you. Get a feel of the country’s rich culture and architecture. They also have great beaches, farmhouses in the countryside and vineyards that have private pools and are near the beach, which makes family reunions more intimate and personal.

Cottages near hot springs

If you can’t afford to go out of the country with all the family, you can get a cabin near the lake and top it off with a relaxing hot springs experience. It doesn’t have to be expensive, just right to spend Christmas Eve with your loved ones for a perfect holiday.

They say Christmas is for children, which is why it’s essential to be together with family during the holidays. Regardless of where it is, what matters is that the family is together.