Most Exciting Boat Tours in Spain

Spain is a popular stop for cruise lovers, but this country offers more spectacular boating trips other than these huge cruise-liners. Part of the Iberian peninsula, it is surrounded by both the Atlantic and the Mediterranean sea, making it a top destination for sailing fans.

By boat is a unique and great way to explore Spain, and there are many options for you to choose from.

1. River Boat Tours

Beyond sailing the seas surrounding Spain, an interesting way to see the inland is to take a riverboat tour. One of the most popular ones is to tour the Castilla canal, which by itself, is an awe-inspiring engineering feat designed and built in the 18th Century.

Another breathtaking tour is along the Duero River, where you can view the Arribes del Duero Nature Reserve from the water. Called Europe’s Grand Canyon, you will marvel at the majestic cliffs surrounding the river and enjoy the peace and beauty of the surrounding nature. If you find yourself visiting the cities of Spain that are not along the coast, then you can consider one of these riverboat trips that will still give you a unique experience.

2. City-To-City Tours

Spain has a pretty good transportation system like high-speed trains, as well as good roads connecting the major cities. While driving from one city to another also lets you see the countryside up close, you can also consider doing it by boat. For example, boat tours for travelers from Valencia traveling to Barcelona is a good trade to doing it by car or by train, and you get a very different view of the country from the coast. Plus, you get to enjoy the breeze blowing on your face while you are enjoying the trip.

3. Island Hopping

Spanish islands offer the best setting for island hopping with a boat. There are very few things that can beat a vacation under the shining sun, with the waves crashing on the side of the boat. So make sure that on your next holiday to Spain, you consider booking a boat trip to explore the Balearic Islands or Ibiza. You can also explore more with your own means of transportation, so you can see more of the country as well as savor being on the sea.

4. Party On The Boat

While technically not a tour, one popular option for boat trips for visitors is to sail around for dinner and some partying afterward. These trips can be found in the bigger cities like Barcelona. In fact, groups looking for a fun night can book these trips and dance the night away. Out there on the boat, you can be as loud and as crazy as you want to be, while you can enjoy watching the city lights of Barcelona after sunset.

Whether you are a fan of sailing or simply want to explore Spain in a unique way, these boat tours offer their own interesting itineraries you should consider on your next trip.