My Favorite Attractions in Morocco

Morocco’s charm and mystique draw many visitors wanting to explore this Mediterranean destination. I have always dreamt of walking around the sand-colored buildings and exploring the famous markets, so I planned the trip of a lifetime. Fortunately, traveling around this country is not as complicated or expensive. So if you want to find the most interesting spots in Morocco, you can start with my favorite five.

1. Meknes

Meknes used to be a capital of Morocco and it is a 9th-century medina within a modern city. While it has expanded over the centuries, you can still visit some historical sites. These include Bob Mansour (one of Morocco’s better-preserved gates), the Mausoleum of Moulay Ismail, and the Dar Jamai Museum. One hour away are some Roman ruins you can explore. If you are not yet used to walking around Moroccan medinas (old Arab quarters in a town), then you can practice here. It was interesting enough for me to explore but not to completely overwhelm me.

2. Fez


This old city is known for the 2.4 square-mile medina, dubbed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The entire area is car-free but walking around can be a huge challenge. It will be almost like walking in a labyrinth, except there are little treasures to discover in the side alleys. You will definitely get lost here, but as I figured out, the locals are always ready to help out.

You can try staying at the Palais Amani Hotel, a mansion that has been converted into a luxury hotel. The humble facade hides the opulence behind the front door, so be prepared for a shock. For a bit of luxury, book your stay here.

3. Merzouga


This is much less known compared to other spots in Morocco but because I wanted to spend the night in the Sahara Desert, I tried it out. It was definitely beyond my wildest imagination, with the campsite and all travel arrangements easily organized. The camel ride to and from is also a huge highlight, as well as the sunset over the dunes.

4. Ouarzazate

This spot has been popular with film directors looking for the perfect desert location. You can set up a tour of well-known sites or simply visit the Atlas Mountains. If this is not your thing, you can check out some of the villages in the south where you can engage in authentic Moroccan activities like ceramics.

5. Marrakech

You really cannot miss out on this city which can truly be a feast for all your senses. You can do all your shopping here as long as you have practiced your haggling skills. You can also go to some of the higher spots and watch the hustle and bustle of this crazy medina. I have never seen so much life in any city ever! Just make sure you consider booking a hotel in a quieter part so that you can truly relax and settle down after the chaos.

Visiting Morocco is exactly what you can expect after watching films of North African towns and cities. It is busy, hot, loud, but also full of interesting sights and smells. It cannot compare at all to other metropolitan cities you have ever visited.