How Renting a Beachside Hotel Inspires Artists

In the movies, it is common to see the artist living on the side of the ocean, trying to use it as inspiration for their works. While it might seem stereotypical, there are actually great reasons why they love staying being close to nature.

Advantages of Renting a Seaside Cottage 

First of all, the beautiful surroundings inspire them to create their own masterpiece. They can immortalize these idyllic spots by putting them on the canvas, as had some famous artists have done so in the past.

Another advantage of drawing inspiration from the sea is the peace and solitude common to these places. When it comes to work, many prefer to do so in a quiet area so they do not experience a lot of people bothering them or staying out of the way.

A third reason is the affordability of many of these sleepy seaside towns. While they might still find beach properties that are a bit pricier than small town ones, in general, artists who may not have a lot of budget can still find a beachfront cottage.

The last reason that drives the artists to these towns is the fact that there are many galleries can be found, so they can easily display their work (especially if they are painters). More popular artists might even attract visitors coming from further away from the town, helping the other artists gain exposure.

Best Artistic Vacation Locations in the USA

In the United States, many artists have moved into or rented cottages that boast of coastal views, choosing one of the following top artist-friendly cities:

  • Carmel-by-the-Sea, California
  • Rockport, Texas
  • Wynwood Arts District, Miami, Florida
  • Monhegan Island, Maine
  • Grand Marais Art Colony, Grand Marais, Minnesota
  • Salt Spring Island, British Columbia, Canada
  • Towles Court, Sarasota, Florida
  • Laguna Beach, California
  • Provincetown, Massachusetts
  • Todos Santos, Baja California Sur, Mexico

Top Seaside Destinations for Artists in the UK

In the United Kingdom, there are hundreds of inspirational locations around the coast including hotspots such as Cornwall, Devon, Dorset, Yorkshire and Pembrokeshire, where artists and writers take a break to get the creative juices flowing, such as these:

  • St Ives, Cornwall
  • Brighton, Brighton & Hove
  • Dartmouth, Devon
  • Whitby, Yorkshire
  • Lyme Regis, Dorset

Disadvantages of Renting Beach Property

On the other side of the coin, staying in a beachside cottage is not as easy as staying in a hotel, where they deliver room service and take care of organizing. In fact, many artists are not big fans of cooking and staying in their own serviced cottage during winter is how they prefer to spend the time. This allows you still dedicate your time to your work without having to stop and cook.

A second disadvantage is the possible isolation. Whenever a snowstorm or strong winds come, then these people are stuck indoors and possibly far away from each other. This is very bad for their health and mental well-being, which is why sharing a rental cottage is also a great idea for artists to avoid being alone.

The third disadvantage is the risk of extreme weather. Being by the ocean means strong winds depending on the forecasts and seasons of the island. However, this extreme weather does not usually come so often that it is not impossible to sit on the beach or enjoy some drier, warmer days.

Inspiration and Motivation

Inspiration and motivation are very important for artists to come up with beautiful masterpieces to strike the audience. Artists, both new and advanced, are lucky that they have the option to rent a beachside cottage to do their work. In the end, they can enjoy the beauty of nature and focus on their work at the same time.