5 Budget-friendly Countries for Backpackers

Who says traveling is only for the rich and famous? Backpacking these days has never been easy and exciting with the availability of options wherever in the world you may go. From east to west, Europe to Antartica, there are accommodations, restaurants, and adventures that fit your budget. Visit any of the amazing backpacking destinations this year. Here are the top 5 countries considered backpacker-friendly.


Nepal, the country that houses the world’s highest peak, Mount Everest, is definitely a timeless backpacking destination for those who love mountain peaks and treks. If you love camping and believe in the idea of exercising while traveling, then this place is for you. Along the trails, there are available cabins and temples with wallet-friendly accommodations, offering guests with guides to beautiful sights and sumptuous meals.

While in Nepal, don’t miss out the city as there are many historical spots there.  Among them are the Garden of Dreams, Durga Temple, Durbar Square, Boudhanath Stupa, and many other temples. You would be surprised to know that exploring the country’s capital, Kathmandu, only costs you about $2 to $5 a night. The great thing about Nepal is that it borders on India and Tibet. This makes it perfect for backpackers to cross to another scintillating Asian country.


Do you love the Mediterranean atmosphere but can’t afford to travel to Italy or Greece? If so then Albania is your perfect alternative destination. You will enjoy the coastlines, the cool breeze coming from the Adriatic Sea, and of course, the beautiful Mediterranean architectural designs. The houses and castles reflect the rich history of the country, having been influenced by Romans and Turks (Ottoman Empire). The food is incredibly cheap, and so do the hotels. At around $10 to $16, you can now sleep in a comfortable room.


Thailand is known for its beautiful beaches and has been the classic backers’ destination since Day 1. But its neighboring country – the Philippines – is also equally tropical and fun to explore. It is home to the magnificent Puerto Princesa, Palawan, voted as one of the 7 Wonders of the World in 2012. Plus expect some of the best sunsets here. If you love surfing, then you go to Siargao. From north to south, the country boasts of beautiful falls, stately mountains, and crystal-clear waters – all waiting to be explored. For as low as $5 to $10, you can avail of a dormitory type room or no-frills private room for a night. The food also comes cheap, especially when sold at local shops.


Do you want a Spanish environment for your next trip? Visit Peru in South America, bordered by Colombia, Ecuador, and Brazil. The place is oozing with historical and archaeological sites that spell adventure for backpackers. The infamous Macchu Pichu and Inca Trail are found in Peru. These ruins still look stunning until today, including the Sacred Valley and Cusco’s Architectural Treasures. Try the hostels in Lima, there are those that offer at $10 a night.


Yes, Europe can be a backpacking destination, too. If you merely want a leisurely walk, sight-seeing baroque architecture, then visit Budapest, Hungary. You name it – Roman, Ottoman, or Renaissance – there are structures that you can feast on. The Fishermen’s Bastion and Castle Hill are among them. So far, Budapest ranks as the cheapest European country by backpackers. You only get to spend as low as $20 a night in a European land. Plus, you can easily travel by train to reach to another country.

There are many other budget-friendly countries that you can visit and explore without compromising the fun and adventure. The top five picks will enable you to fly all the way from Asia to South America to Europe.