The Best Restaurants in All of India


Indian cuisine is one of the best-tasting finds in the world – rich, flavorful, aromatic. It’s a sin not to visit the best restaurants when you find yourself in India. Here are 5 of the country’s highly-rated restos you must try.

Indian Accent


A regular in San Pellegrino’s Asia’s 50 Best Restaurants, this Delhi-based restaurant offers a world-class dining experience. Not only are the food fusions delectable, the sights are aesthetically pleasing. Indian Accent is popular for its polished dining, replete with a wide selection of traditional Indian dishes, accentuated by international flavors, served gourmet-style. Try their popular chef tasting menu, a 6-course meal, positively reviewed by diners.


A modern rustic space within the ITC Maurya Hotel in Delhi, Bukhara is a top food destination in the whole of India. In 2016, it was part of the Foodie Top 100 Restaurants along with Indian Accent. Its open kitchen embraces the art of cooking in tandoor, an Indian clay oven, and produces the creamy, flavorful murgh malai kebab (chicken) and sikandari raan (lamb). Their signature foods have brought to the house famous personalities, the likes of Vladimir Putin, Bill Clinton, and Barack Obama.

Dum Pukht

The Indian staples, kebab and biryanis taste extra special at Dum Pukht, a hotel restaurant in New Delhi that bagged the prime spot in 2014 Asia’s Top 50 list. Over the years, Dum Pukht has established presence in other major cities like Mumbai and Kolkata. Its signature “dum” cooking style creates the tastiest slow-roasting meat over low flames using handi (sealed pot). This traditional technique, distinct to the Awadh northern region, adds a cultural vibe to the place. Dum Pukht’s lamb kakori kebab, minced no less than 7 times, literally melts in your mouth so deliciously.

The Bombay Canteen

Reigning this year’s Condé Nast Traveller & Himalayan Sparkling Top Restaurant Awards Best Restaurant in India, The Bombay Canteen is a refuge for seekers of palatable creative cuisine. It takes pride in recreating traditional Indian dishes by infusing global flavors and combining the country’s diverse regional tastes.

Diners love the art put into each plate. If you want an exciting way to savor your egg, try Bombay Canteen’s egg kejriwal, a perfect brekkie pick complete with toast, veggies, and cheese. Explore a little more. This innovative resto is a 5-course meal you won’t forget.

Moti Mahal

This 150-outlet strong global chain is one of India’s oldest thriving restaurants in India. Moti Mahal is believed to have introduced the Punjabi cuisine to the greater India and even to the international scene. Its delectable dal makhani and butter and tandoori chicken have attracted thousands of tourists much like Taj Mahal does. Even world leaders like Kennedy and Nixon could not escape Moti Mahal’s charms. If you want convenient access to authentic Indian flavors within a controlled budget, your top pick is this restaurant that put India in the global food map — Moti Mahal.

The above list combines service quality, facilities, reviews, and menu. Yet there are plenty of food gems in the nooks and crannies of India — some fancy, some others are price-friendly. There’s certainly no stopping a wanderlust soul from discovering the food streets in India as well.