The Coolest Destinations in Scotland

Scotland is full of natural beauty which every visitor learns to appreciate during his visit. While the cities Edinburgh and Glasgow dominate the lists of places to see here, there are many more destinations that you should include in your itinerary.

Identifying the places to visit should be based on your interests. For example, some visitors like history, while others like enjoying nature. This, in turn, dictates what you should plan to visit. Here are some ideas based on your preferences.

Culture and Heritage Lovers

1. Rosslyn Chapel

Thanks to Dan Brown’s novel, this unknown religious site has been catapulted into a popular tourist destination. Nowadays, thanks to increased interest, a new visitor center has been opened up at Rosslyn Chapel and a guided tour can now be booked.

2. Highland Folk Museum

If you ever wonder how people lived in the Highlands back then, then this is the place to go. What makes it so fascinating is that visitors do not just read or stare at pictures or displays, but they can immerse themselves to have a unique experience.

3. Museum Of Scottish Lighthouses

Scotland is infamous for its cold weather, rainy climate, and the fogs that make everything look so surreal. For many fishermen and sailors, lighthouses are lifesavers. This museum celebrates these structures and all the artefacts in one, while allowing you to tour a real-life, historic lighthouse, with parts of the structure at least 400 years of age.

History Buffs

1. Dunadd

There is not much to see in Dunadd but imagine standing where the first Scottish kings were crowned. Beyond immersing yourself in history, you can also enjoy the beautiful surroundings of Argyll.

2. Glenfinnan

Glenfinnan is another spot that became popular due to a movie, with the viaduct featured in the Harry Potter. The views from the top are unparalleled and the country is truly breathtaking. But beyond that, it is also where Bonnie Prince Charlie opened his flag and led a few clans back in 1745.

Enjoying The Scottish Countryside

1. Hume Castle

There is much more to the Scottish countryside than just the Highlands, and this is proof of that. The Scottish Borders offer you endless views of rolling hills, green for as far as your eyes can see. If you love such kinds of scenery, then make sure you go up this castle and feast on the wonderful sight.

2. Glen Torridon

If you have lived most of your life in huge cities, then touring the Scottish countryside will really shock you. Glen Torridon is one of those places that are so peaceful and yet dramatic (thanks to those soaring sandstone peaks), located beside a majestic loch (lake).

A trip to Scotland naturally includes the capital and some other bigger cities like Glasgow, but this does not truly capture the charms of the countryside that has enthralled visitors for many centuries. While the weather can be unfriendly, especially the more you travel north or close to the coast, being rewarded with the views and the utter beauty of these destinations will make any hardship worth your while.