Top Ten Towns in Mississippi to Visit

These top ten towns in Mississippi are worth the time and effort. Let us all discover the charm of Mississippi’s towns, filled with rich culture and heritage. From the quaint river town of Natchez to the fabulous seaside town of Bay St.Louis, each little town in this great state has something special to offer its visitors.

Find out some of the most charming towns and why Mississippi is the perfect destination for your next adventure.

Top Ten Towns in Mississippi to Visit

1. Ackerman

Ackerman is a town in Choctaw County, MS, with a population of just below 2,000. It got its name from an early European-American landowner. This town may not be known to many people, but it boasts a lot of panoramic natural scenery with many hiking footpaths for backpackers to see. If you are tired of busy city life, a short stay in this peaceful town will provide a quiet escape.

This town is also near many historic landmarks, including the Choctaw County Courthouse and French Camp Historic Village. If you want to do some fun outdoor activities, you can visit the Choctaw Lake Recreation Area. This place offers plenty of exciting activities, such as boating, picnicking, camping, hiking, cycling, fishing and swimming.

2. Natchez

This river town in Mississippi is famous for its historic antebellum mansions, old house museums, cultural venues and beautiful parks.

Visit the Auburn Museum and Historic House, which is the first building in Natchez to follow a definite architectural blueprint. This historic mansion features a remarkable spiral staircase, and the interiors are full of period pieces and antiques.

You may also want to explore the Emerald Mound, a ceremonial centre for the people of Natchez built and used between 1250 and 1600 A.D. Other interesting places you may want to check out include Old South Winery, Grand Village of the Natchez, and Natchez Museum of African American History and Culture, to name a few.

3. Bay St. Louis

This little seaside town of Bay St Louis has long recovered after the devastation of Hurricane Katrina in 2005. Today, this laidback town offers many exciting attractions and places for travellers to discover.

Walk around the Old Town for art galleries and beach boutiques. The second Saturday of the month is the best time to go here so that you can witness the big art walk with fun music, local bazaars and special events.

Also, don’t forget to try some delicious breakfast at Mockingbird Café or the yummy burger at the Blind Tiger.

4. Top Ten Towns in Mississippi: Oxford

towns to visit in Mississippi

If you want to feel young and hip, Oxford should be on your list of the places you should visit in Mississippi. This college town has a vibrant energy, exciting music scenes, shops and varied dining options. Stay at The Graduate for a trendy atmosphere and shop around at popular places like Square Books and Cicada.

5. Corinth

This town is a must-visit place for history fans. Corinth is a significant place during the American Civil War. The Corinth Interpretive Center is a museum devoted to explaining the major events that happened in the war. You should also stop by the Trains at the Crossroads Museum, especially if you are a train enthusiast. You can also spend time in the nearby galleries, which offer alternating displays. Other must-sees in Corinth include Corinth Coke Museum, Verandah Curlee House and the Battery Robinett.

6. Ocean Springs

Ocean Springs is situated on the edges of stunning Biloxi Bay. This panoramic seaside town is rich in history, culture and amazing natural scenery. If you want a relaxing vacation, Ocean Springs is the place to be. Some of the top sites you do not want to miss here include Fontainebleau Nature Trail, Gulf Islands National Seashore, and the Ocean Springs Museum of History.

7. Canton

This small town is called the city of lights because it has become a popular filming location. One famous movie that was shot in this town is the movie A Time to Kill. Though this is a filmmaker’s haven, Canton is not known for that. It is also an arts and crafts place where the annual flea market is always positively received. History buffs will also love this town because it is filled with historic houses and buildings.

8. Cleveland

Nestled in the centre of the Delta, this beautiful town in Mississippi is rich in musical history and interesting places to discover. This is the home to the Mississippi Grammy Museum, which is a modern-themed music museum where you can explore the musical accomplishments of Mississippians.

Canton also has a lot of interesting places you can explore, such as the Dockery Farms, Delta Overland and the Bologna Performing Arts Center.

9. Tupelo

top Mississippi towns

If you are an Elvis fan, you would not want to miss a trip to Tupelo. This is the birthplace of Elvis Presley, so make sure to visit the two-room house where Elvis was raised. It is also a great place for family trips where you can spend time at the Tupelo Buffalo Park and Zoo or Ballard Park.

10. Greenville

From good dining experiences to road trip adventures, Greenville has many things to offer its visitors. Explore the open road and learn a long-lost history as you travel. Greenville is all yours to discover, from stunning river towns to abundant forests to rural landscapes.

Grab a bite at some locally-owned restaurants, such as Cafe Dat Taste of New Orleans and Cajun Shotgun House Bar B-Q or have a fine dining experience at the Nonna Italian and Doe’s Eat Place. Greenville is a food haven, so you would not worry about getting hungry in this charming town.

To Wrap it Up

The top ten towns in Mississippi are great places to visit on your next trip. Good food, rich history, and the great outdoors are the things that will attract you to explore this beautiful state. It is a haven for history buffs and foodies. Whether you are here to relax or explore, Mississippi has tons of things to offer to its guests. Plan your next trip to Mississippi, and we promise you will enjoy every moment of your stay in this amazing state in the South.