Touring Austin Texas like a Local

Austin, Texas is a city that has grown so much over the last 10 years so lots of people are actually new to the city as well. But being consistently present in the lists of best places to visit and live, it means there are lots of spots in the city to explore. Whether you want to avoid the hordes of tourists or simply want to immerse yourself more by going where the locals go, here are the places you should not miss during your trip.

Where To Eat

If you are a big fan of various cuisines then Austin is the top choice for you. You will certainly find enough great restaurants to choose from, while still trying out something new every day.

If you have never eaten breakfast tacos, then they are a definite must-try in Austin. Head over to Veracruz and you can start your day great. After your breakfast and some sightseeing, you can head over to the older neighborhoods of the city where you can find Josephine House. In one of the older buildings, you will find this quaint restaurant that offers wonderful and fresh dishes. You can also try out Elizabeth Street Café for that interesting mix of French and Vietnamese cuisine.

Coffee breaks are best spent at Merit and you should reach for some energy bars. If you prefer something heavier, you can go to Lambert’s to try out their famous barbecue. For dinner you can have a little taste of Japanese at Uchi, where you can try out their sushi. If you are traveling with kids, though, then check out Fresa’s on South First. The kids will love the open garden where they can run around.

Where To Go


If you are finished doing the usual city tour and want to go where the locals go, then you can start at the Austin Central Library. It is a beautiful modern library which also has great views of the city. If you are traveling with kids, then they will surely enjoy the whole floor dedicated to books for their age.

Another great spot is Deep Eddy, which is the oldest swimming pool in the state that started out as a swimming hole. It also has a bathhouse dating all the way back to the Depression. However, the water is quite brisk at 66 to 75 degrees Fahrenheit and not chlorinated.

Other great places to go with kids or during rainy days include The Thinkery, the indoor kids museum, and the Austin Nature and Science Center. Beyond being great for bad weather, they are also highly educational.

Where To Stay

When looking for a place to call home during your trip, it is a great idea to stay close to great restaurants and shops. Some local-recommended hotels include the South Congress Hotel and Hotel St. Cecilia.

What To Pack

In terms of culture, Austin is pretty progressive so you do not have to worry about wearing what you want. However, you should consider the weather during your visit, as it tends to change very quickly. For those traveling during summer, you should definitely watch out for the humidity and the mosquitoes.

Austin is a vibrant city that attracts both tourists and new residents alike. One of the obvious factors is the rich variety of places to see and try out, so you better maximize your stay here by ticking them off your list one by one.