Why You Should Visit The Canary Islands

There are so many reasons that will convince you to put the islands in your bucket list. Not just one of the islands, because no other group of islands is so diverse as this one. Even one island, like Gran Canaria, has both rainforest and sand dunes Here are some other reasons why you should book your trip.

1. The Weather Is Amazing All-Year Round

There is no high season at the Canary Islands. Instead, it gets a steady stream of visitors all year round. This is because it has a steady climate all throughout the year. The temperatures never go below 19 degrees and above 30 degrees. On average, you get 25 degrees and very little rain. Of course, when you go up the mountains, you can expect cooler weather but it is definitely a summer destination no matter when you visit.

2. The Landscape Is Very Diverse

The different islands all have beaches that are worth a visit but if you are interested in more than just sunbathing, then you are coming to the right place. Charming small towns, local wine, and volcanoes are just some of the highlights.

In Gran Canaria, you can see some sand dunes with sand blowing in from Africa, around an hour’s drive away from a volcanic crater and a rainforest on the other side of the island. Thus, if you are bored with the usual beach activities, you should also try out some hiking to see the mountains and volcanoes up close.

Diverse is the perfect word to describe the landscape of the islands. Even the beaches vary from island to island as well, so the worst mistake during your visit is to get stuck in one place the entire time.


3. It Has Big Cities And Villages


In such small islands, you can find cities and even top shopping destinations including IKEA. However, if you prefer the quietness and authenticity of small Spanish towns, there are also plenty of them around. Plus, it hosts the second biggest Carnival in the world, so it can truly be a party destination as well. Simply put, you can enjoy your beach holiday without being too cut off from the modern world and your favorite shops.

4. The Food


Spanish food is known for being healthy and delicious, plus the prices are not so bad. Coffee lovers can find a strong cup of café con leche for a fraction of how much they will cost in mainland Europe, while you should never miss the wine and the tapas. Food is a huge part of any trip to Spain but if you are going to the Canary Islands, you also get the usual tropical fruits on top of that.

While it is not as well known as other Spanish islands like Palma de Mallorca or Ibiza, the Canary Islands have so much to offer its visitors. It is family-friendly while offering some adults-only destinations, plus they have both the beach and the mountains. It just has exactly what every visitor is looking for.